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If you’re going out with friends for dinner, you want to ensure that you have a good time. You will need at least one of your friends to keep the conversation flowing and actively engage with everyone during the evening. Someone with a sanguine temperament would be perfect for that role.

Define Sanguine temperament.

People who fall under the sanguine category are basically lively, sociable, talkative, pleasure-seeking, care-free and talkative. Sanguines can also be warm and optimistic. Since they’re sociable, they find it easy to make friends with others and be artistic and imaginative as well. This makes them have tons of friends.

Put simply, people with sanguine temperaments are social extroverts. In addition to being chatty and bubbly, they’re also very emotional. Their personality is influenced by a chemical known as dopamine, which makes them intensely creative and curious. They also tend to have high energy levels, so they might seem spontaneous and restless.

sanguine definition

Sanguine personality traits

Social aspects

Sanguines really look forward to any sort of social interaction. Whether they’re with a stranger or an old acquaintance, a sanguine is totally at ease. They recharge their batteries this way and while they do spend time alone, they’d rather not.

They’re always seeking a good time. They always seem to have endless reserves of energy. They’re always chatting with others and seem to want some fun.

They enjoy being in social circles. Parties or any other social events will always make them feel at ease. They’ll even try to convince others that it’ll be fun.

Sanguines can easily make friends. They’re not afraid of strangers-talking to strangers and making friends is no problem for them. While a melancholic may not feel at ease in a room full of people, a sanguine will stand out in it; for them, there’s no better way to make friends.

They feel comfortable around people. In fact, sanguines aren’t picky about people they meet because they love being in the company of so many people. This also proves that sanguines love the attention from others and feel great about not keeping to themselves.

sangvine personality


People with sanguine temperaments love being in the limelight. Therefore, they love to get compliments and praise. Although we all love a little bit of praise, sanguines may do anything to receive praise.

They like to perform. Since they love attention, performing is so natural to them. They also like to be the life of a party.

They’re naturally physical, extremely “touchy-feely”, and openly express their affection through touching, grabbing and stroking of shoulders, and hugging of course.

They seek to be popular and to fit in. This trait is due to their penchant for being in the spotlight. If they can’t accomplish that, they’ll find other ways to be remarkable.


A sanguine person will speak in a friendly and energetic manner. They’ll talk to you like you’ve known each other for ages. They’re also very playful and charismatic.

Sanguines are emotional but this usually doesn’t last. For instance, they may show open hatred and then apologize profusely hours later. They also expect people to forget everything by then.

As friends or parents, sanguines can spice up life at home. Sanguine parents are often favorites of neighbors’ children. When a sanguine parent is at home, the neighbors’ children and their pets will wait outside to spend some time with him or her. For kids, there’s never a dull moment with a sanguine parent.

They have a huge sense of humor. In fact, they don’t really have a subtle or dry sense of humor. In other words, sanguines really love to smile and laugh very often.

Sanguines tend to quickly forgive and forget. Given that they’re carefree, they prefer to move on instead of dwelling on negatives from the past. Put simply, they’re always in the moment and expect this from everyone as well.

sanguine temperament

Negative aspects of sanguines

Sanguines usually spend more time talking than listening. For some, this can be a negative trait as we like conversations where we can remember whatever we were told.

A sanguine is likely to avoid people they find boring. While one of their traits is to not be picky about people they meet and chat with, they tend to pull away from those they find boring.

Sanguines have a high sense of self-esteem and love to show off. Although it’s nice to have a high self-esteem, some people don’t appreciate it.

They have intense emotions. As a result, they may have moments where they’re utterly melodramatic. They can also be self-loathing.

sanguine meanThey are easily distracted and have problems prioritizing. They love commotion and being alone and quiet is not one of their strengths.

Sanguines are most suscpetible to a host of medical conditions. They include metabolic conditions of the blood like diabetes, high cholesterol, gout and uremia. They’re also prone to intestinal sluggishness and putrefaction, congested, sluggish pancreas and liver, as well as congested blood and bleeding disorders.

Sanguines are also most prone to asthma, congestion and respiratory catarrh. Urinary and genitourinary disorders are also common. Women suffer excessive menstruation and both genders may suffer from skin conditions, capillary congestion and hypersensitivity.

Without energy, even sanguines would have problems with socializing since they wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.

Dealing with sanguines

Sanguines enjoy flexibility and variety. If they forget your appointment with them, remember that they didn’t do it on purpose or were irresponsible. Make sure you remind them of the appointment so they don’t forget. You can use sticky notes in unusual places as well.

To please a person with sanguine tendencies, buy them presents. They really love toys. As long as the toy is new, makes noise and moves quickly, they’ll be easily amused.

Where to find sanguine types of personality

Most likely, sanguines work as singers, dancers and entertainers. However, this doesn’t mean that all of these people have sanguine personalities. There are people who are sanguine but aren’t entertainers or musicians. A good example would be that fellow you know who’s always the life of the party.

Famous sanguine personalities include Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Tom Sawyer, Magic Johnson and Lorelei Gilmore.

Remember that sanguine people can be very emotional and outward circumstances can control their mood. They can overreact, say foolish things and then regret afterwards. Be ready to forgive and they’ll forgive you as well. Relish their company. Sanguines are genuinely a whole lot of fun.

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