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If you are a person that likes spending time alone, instead of hanging out with friends and family in social settings, then you are probably an introvert.

Introvert definition.

An introvert is person who focuses on internal feelings for stimulation and motivation. As such, such a person tends to avoid large crowds of people, as he or she feels more energized when alone. In contrast, an extrovert is energized by interacting with large groups of people and tends to get bored in solitude. Most introverts are generally quiet, reserved and contemplative. They often struggle to adjust to most social situations and enjoy day dreaming or introspection.

Because of their analytical nature, introverts tend to take more time analyzing a situation before they can make a decision. But it important to understand that most people aren’t purely introvert or extroverts per see, rather most people have a healthy mix of both introversion and extroversion traits. This article, though focuses on what it entails to be an introvert personality, and how such persons decode reality. The following are some of the common traits you’ll spot in persons who are introverts.

introvert definition

Introverts Personality Traits

Their energies are drained when around many people

If you’ve ever felt exhausted when around huge crowds of people, then you are probably an introvert. Most introverts feel exhausted and drained the moment they spend plenty of time around many people. As such, you’ll find most of them retreating to solitude for extended periods to recharge their energies. But this doesn’t mean that introverts don’t enjoy social interactions, far from it. They do, though they prefer hanging out with few close friends or acquaintances. On the other side of the coin, extroverts relish hanging out in large crowds and tend to love interacting with anybody they come across.

Enjoy being alone

Introverts love spending time alone. For example, the idea of spending time alone doing while doing fun activities certainly appeals to introverts. Activities that introverted personalities enjoy include things like taking a nature walk, watching movies or reading books. When they do such stuff, they tend to get energized, recharged, and happy.

Though, introverts still hang out with close friends but generally dislike big crowds. They love social settings with familiar faces but dislike interacting with persons or people they don’t know. The important thing to remember about introverts is that they always seek time alone to reflect and recharge, especially after hanging out with friends and family. If you enjoy time alone more often than not, then you are probably an introvert.

introvert personality

Have few friends

A common misconception about introverts that most people like to point out is that they dislike people. That isn’t true, even though introverts don’t socialize much compared to extroverts. Introverts generally love surrounding themselves with few close friends, and don’t like talking to people they are not familiar with. Extroverts on the other hand can get along with almost everyone, the friendships they forge are superficial in nature and don’t last. Introverts on the other hand, prefer forging deep friendships with few people who they can trust for a long time. If your social circle isn’t big, then you could probably be more of an introvert than an extrovert.

Quiet and reserved

If you ask people to describe introverts, most will describe them as shy individuals. But that’s not the true definition of introverts; people with introverted personality can be rightly described as quiet, mellow and reserved but not shy. Of course, anywhere you go you’ll find shy people but that doesn’t mean that they are introverts as you can also find shy extroverts.

Labeling all introverts as shy therefore isn’t correct as being reserved doesn’t mean that someone is timid. Not all introverts are shy, just because one is reserved on how they decode reality does not mean that they are not assertive. The best description of an introvert is in this case is a person who likes to think before they speak, and also one that doesn’t like engaging on unnecessary chit-chat. If you are usually reserved in social settings or around people, then there is a big chance you are an introvert.

introvert mean

Social settings cause distraction and loss of focus

Numerous studies have shown that introverts can lose focus or get distracted, if they spend lots of time in hectic environments. As such, most introverts tend to avoid busy social settings as their energies can get diluted. Extroverts on the other hand thrive in hectic social settings where they derive most of their energies from. If you tend to be overwhelmed by events in a busy environment, then you are most likely a person with introverted personality.

Famous Introvertion people.

introversionOne mistake people make is to assume that only extroverts are famous or popular. What they don’t know is that almost half of all famous personalities around the world past, and present have introverted sensing. Some of the famous introverts you likely know or have heard about include: Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Sir Isaac Newton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Al Gore, Marisa Mayer, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Fact is there are many introverts changing history right now , others have not been born yet. The key thing to remember is that introverts derive most of their energy when alone, unlike to extroverts who get energized in public settings . Personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Marisa Mayer and others enjoy being quite and maintain few close friends compared to their extroverted counterparts like Bill Gates, George Bush or Donald Trump.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that a majority of people are not entirely introverted or extroverted but rather most have a healthy mix of the two traits. Though, one trait is likely going to be more dominant than the other. People who are introverted tend to derive their most energy when alone. If not alone, then most prefer hanging out with few friends they can totally trust. They like forging long lasting relationships that are very personal ,and intimate. Additionally, introverts are generally reserved in social settings but this shouldn’t be mistaken for shyness or timidity.

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