What does Extrovert Mean. Definiton of Extrovert.


A general assumption that most people have about extroverts is that they are friendly and outgoing.While such assumptions might be true to some extent, they don’t portray the real meaning of extroversion.

Extrovert definition.

An extrovert can simply be defined as person who gets energized when in a company of people.On the other end of the spectrum, an introvert is the opposite of an extrovert, in that, such a person is energized by not being around people or rather being alone. As such, extroverts get bored easily when they are not around people.

Typically, extroverts relish the chance to strike conversations with people rather that being being alone and thoughtful like introverts. In fact, studies show that extroverts tend to think and talk at the same time, unlike introverts who think first before talking. Meaning extroverts best ideas come when talking unlike their counterparts whose best ideas come when reflecting alone.

Extroverts love being in social settings because they enjoy the company of other people. Meaning, an extrovert is likely going to start conversations with people they don’t know, something that introverts struggle to cope with. In summary, the following are some of the most common traits you’ll find in extroverts.

extrovert definition


Extroverts Personality Traits

Energized when around people

As mentioned above, extroverts tend to be extremely bored when they are not around people. More often than not, such people tend to look tired and lethargic when they are not around people.However, when in company of people, extroverts become lively, energetic and bubbly. Simply put, an extrovert is the true definition of a people’s person.

Like talking a lot

One clear sign of an extroverted personality is talking. If you find a person striking a conversation with almost everyone, then you are definitely looking at the true meaning of an extrovert personality. If not conversing on the phone, then you’ll find extroverts texting or tweeting because they have plenty of stuff to say.


Extroverts are usually cheerful, excited and friendly to say the least. Such bubbly traits can be attributed to the energy they exhibit when around people. For some people especially introverts, this can be little intimidating. As such , extroverts usually end up appearing as fake or rubbing people the wrong way.

extrovert personality

Relish taking leadership roles

Extroverts relish taking leadership positions in any settings. And since they have a knack for getting stuff done, they usually appeal to other people hence can easily ascend to leadership roles. One important advantage of extroverts in taking leadership roles is their ability to interact with other people, but that’s not say that introverts are not capable of being effective leaders as well.

Dread being Alone

Extroverts dread being alone to the extent that they can become really anxious. Since they derive most of their energies around people, loneliness actually zaps their energy levels. If you are an extrovert and you always feel lethargic, and tired when alone, then you probably need to get out in order to reclaim some energy. Other other hand introverts derive most energy in a secluded environment.

Love Going Out

Extroverts are love being in social settings. Since they derive most of their energies from being in company of people, social settings are a natural habitat for extroverts. Unlike introverts who relish being alone, extroverts are attracted to social settings with the most people. You’ll find extroverts social settings such as parties, events and group outings.

extrovert mean

Taking charge

Extroverts love taking charge of situations because they are natural leaders. If there is a problem somewhere, you’ll find extroverts being the first ones to offer help.Such personalities l love planning and implementing concepts on the go.

Famous Extravertion people.

Throughout history, the world has been shaped by extroverted personalities. That’s not to say that introverts haven’t also left the mark, the world has always been molded by a healthy mix of both extroverts and introverts.The following list contains some of the most famous extroverted personalities in history.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is an iconic figure in the world of boxing. He reigned with an iron fist as the world heavyweight champion for over two decades. Ali was an extraordinary personality, he became famous not only because of his ruthlessness in the ring but also because of his bubbly, and abrasive personality. Ali relished the attention of people on everything he did; inside the ring and outside the of it. He declared himself as the greatest boxer to ever live and the public were in agreement. Ali is a perfect example of a person with extroverted personality.

Bill Clinton

extraversionThe 42nd president of the United states is also another famous extroverted personality. Clinton was always energetic in his conduct both in office and during the campaign trail. He will be remembered for being social, personable and friendly to both friends and opponents. Clinton presidency energized the citizens on the United States through televised speeches and public meetings. Bill Clinton is an example of a famous extrovert personality.

George Bush

George Bush is another popular extroverted personality. He was the 43rd president of the United States who gained attention as a backslapping Texan both in his campaigns and presidency. Another trait that has led researchers to label Bush as an extrovert was his apparent lack on interest in understanding the intricate details that shaped American politics at the time. For instance, bush administration attacked Iraq, and deposed Saddam Hussein believing that he was hiding weapons of mass destruction(WMD), something that has been proven otherwise.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher was a lady British prime minister who became known as the “iron lady” due to her uncompromising style of leadership.She was energetic, loved to talk, dressed colorfully, and was uncompromising in her politics. Because of her abrasive style of leadership, Margaret Thatcher created lots of enemies in UK politics.Her extroverted nature meant that she relished being the center of attention, regardless of how unpopular some of her policies were to the UK people.

In conclusion, extroverts derive energy from the crowd, if not around people, such people tend to be get bored easily. Parties, and social gathering are the perfect habitats of extroverts, unlike introvert who love spending time alone.In a nutshell, extroverts are talkative, sociable, friendly, task -oriented and excitable persons.

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