What does Choleric Mean. Definiton of Choleric.


Some people are inherently ambitious and have leadership qualities. Such people are the most extroverted of extroverts and are sometimes known as the doers, drivers, or people of type A personality. They are driven individuals known for achieving goals. They are cholerics.

Define Choleric temperament.

In other words, cholerics are people who are “in control” or “in charge”. They are born leaders who are organized and make quick decisions so they deliver results. Whether it’s creating a good business plan , political strategy, shopping etc., they have it all figured out and will work to achieve their goal, no matter what it takes. Choleric people are impatient and find it difficult to apologize to others. They don’t expect others to take things personally. While they can sit down and unwind, they are always trying to accomplish something-from knitting to filling in crosswords to making to-do lists for tomorrow. They know what must be done and quickly get down to work.

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Choleric personality traits


Cholerics aspire to be directors and leaders. They always want to take charge of situations, lead from the front and be the best. However, they aren’t necessarily keen to reach the apex of the managerial ladder or leadership. They just love to be in control of everything in daily interactions with others.

They use commanding, imperative language, issuing orders instead of requests. They deal with problems firmly and forcefully. They use “tough love” and challenge others to prove themselves, as would they.

Most bullies have choleric temperaments, but not all cholerics are bullies. In fact, many will stand up to bullies, rather than let them off the hook. Their demanding and confident nature makes them natural leaders, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d enjoy leadership roles; they’d rather take control if necessary instead of fumbling around worrying.

Cholerics can really look down upon those below their rank. They may enjoy the pain, suffering and humiliation of those they don’t get along with. This is because they derive pleasure from feeling superior to others. They think they can define and advise other people but dismiss the idea of others doing the exact same thing to them. Defining and analyzing others puts them in the driving seat, so they’d do anything to stay on top.

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Cholerics are extremely extroverted that they will poke their noses into other people’s business and give their opinion if they feel it’s necessary. They typically respond favorably to unfamiliar situations, and chase thrills. They like to prove that they’re powerful.

Their drive for dominance and pride, in addition to their overt expression of emotion inevitably leads to sheer aggression when challenged. To assert superiority, they’ll get angry and raise their voices to prove that they’re the biggest and most powerful. They are practical, quickly getting down to work instead of worrying about fancy scenarios.

Cholerics will get around obstacles and they’re single minded in trying to achieve their goals.

choleric temperament

Main strengths

In a nutshell, people of the choleric personality type have many strengths:

  • They’re born leaders
  • They are active and dynamic
  • They are unemotional
  • They aren’t easily discouraged
  • They compulsively seek change
  • They always seek to make things right
  • They are independent and self-sufficient
  • They exude confidence

Cholerics are enthusiastic individuals; they don’t settle for mediocrity and aim for the best in all areas of life: vast business, elegant homes, large fortune, as well as a predominant or distinguished reputation. Their primary strength is ambition; they aspire to excel and eschew the ordinary.

Main weaknesses

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Cholerics are full of themselves. They have a high opinion of their good qualities and accomplishments and consider themselves as people of extraordinary feats. They even consider their defects as justified, in deed, as something wonderful and praise-worthy; for example, their pride, stubbornness and anger.

They are extremely opinionated and stubborn. They feel they’re always right, always want to have the final word, don’t tolerate contradiction, and will never consider giving in.

Cholerics have bags of self-confidence. They have absolute faith in their own ability and knowledge. They don’t seek other people’s help and prefer working alone, partly because they don’t want the help of other people, and partly because they feel they have more ability than others and will succeed on their own.

The choleric looks down upon others. He sees others as weak, ignorant, slow and unskilled, compared to himself. He shows contempt to others by mocking, despising, and making disparaging remarks.

People of choleric personalities are domineering and overly ambitious. They want to be the best, to be looked up to by others, to rule others. They belittle, combat, even unfairly persecute those who dare get in their way.

They feel deeply hurt when they’re humiliated. Even recalling their sins makes them angry because sins lower their self-confidence.


Cholerics are prone to various illnesses, including fevers, infections, rashes, inflammation, hives, fatty liver, hyperacidity, acid reflux, and ulcerative and inflammatory conditions of the middle gastrointestinal tract.

They are also prone to headaches, migraines, red eye sores, irritability, high cholesterol, cardiovascular issues, gingivitis, bleeding disorders due to excess heat, stress disorders and hypertension.

Dealing with a choleric.

Realize that they are born to lead, that they usually have the correct, logical answer (though this irritates other personalities)

They have very sharp judgments and always want to share them, sometimes to the chagrin of recipients.

They believe that everyone needs to improve and can’t understand those who are unwilling to get better.

Realize that a choleric will find it hard to show compassion should you need it.

If you want someone who will take control, get things started, and deliver great results, go for the choleric.

Recognize that cholerics like one-way conversations: they’ll talk and expect you to listen. You’ll need to add value to the conversation if you want to contribute. Don’t go into long stories. Short, concise answers will appeal to them.

Role in society

In ancient times, cholerics were the leaders of the pack, the alphas. They’d command their subjects, and forcefully assert their dominance. If challenged, they’d react by getting upset and intimidating others to prove that they’re the strongest and most suitable to lead.

These days, cholerics are typically in leadership roles, for example, managers, team leaders, captains, politicians and so on. In fantasy, they’re probably the esteemed kings and proud warriors.

Famous choleric personalities include modern day dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung. Others include Napoleon, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and Margaret Thatcher.

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