Four Personality Types Free Test and Extraversion or Introversion


You are offered to answer the questions on your habitual way of behavior. Try to imagine typical situations and give a natural response, which occurs to you. Answer quickly and precisely. Remember, that there are no “good” or “bad” answers. Your choice is limited to two answers: Yes and No, so choose the more suitable for you. When finish, you will know the type of you temperament (sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic) and if you are an Extrovert or Introvert. The test includes 45 questions.

Let’s define who you are: Melancholic, Choleric, Phlegmatic or Sanguine and also Introvert or Extrovert.

1. Is it often difficult for you to gather your thoughts before important conversation?
2. Would you like to limit the circle of your acquaintance to some elected persons?
3. Do you like taking part in the activity demanding quickness and determination?
4. Does it happen that some amount of thoughts don't let you fall asleep?
5. Do you like lapsing into day-dreams?
6. Do you consider your job regular and prosaic?
7. Do you like to be surrounded by people?
8. Can you call yourself careless?
9. Are you inclined to frequent changes of mood?
10. Do you like to have a lot of public duties?
11. Is it typical of you to feel timid in the presence of the people of the opposite sex?
12. Do you feel natural and easy in a merry company?
13. Is it typical of you to take upon yourself a leading part in the common actions?
14. Do you have such periods of anxiety that you can't keep your place for a long time?
15. Do you like playing tricks on the people around you?
16. Do you feel too much dissatisfied when you have no opportunity to communicate with many people?
17. Do you always find suitable answer to some critical remark in your address?
18. Is it easy to make you upset?
19. Do you consider your occupation as something important and valuable?
20. Is it typical of you to come in a contact with a stranger?
21. Do you often have risings or changes of mood?
22. Do you often recollect bright episodes of your life?
23. Can you be called talkative?
24. Do you sometimes feel groundless happiness or sadness?
25. Do some people around you consider you to be a vital and quick person?
26. Do you consider yourself to be too nervous and inwardly strained?
27. Do you like occupation that demands focusing of attention on fine details?
28. Do you often feel tired and indifferent without any reason?
29. Are you often in a mood?
30. Are you inclined to reflect on your past?
31. When the critical moment is behind, do you usually think that you should have done something in a different way?
32. Do you often dream about unrealizable?
33. Can you call yourself extremely diligent?
34. Do you feel a kind of guilty?
35. Do you try to avoid performing public assignments?
36. Does anxiety often causes insomnia at you?
37. Do you notice that it is often difficult for you to concentrate?
38. Is it typical of you to speak less than others in public?
39. Do you prefer acting by yourself to plan the actions of others?
40. Are you sometimes full of energy and sometimes languid?
41. Does it happen that you can't get rid of annoying thoughts?
42. Do you consider yourself merry?
43. Is it difficult for you to feel completely easy in a regular company?
44. Is it typical of you to act fast and confidently?
45. Do you sometimes feel pitiful and unhappy all of a sudden?

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